Wednesday, 2 March 2016


This week at tech I was back at workshop with my group. We went strait back into sanding and I finished sanding my handles going all the way from p80-p1500. My friend Emily and I are now finaly up to the same point and are both back onto sanding the sides of the tray.

Our teacher, Mr.Bowers decided to make our sanding more intrusting by starting a little competition. The competition is who evers is sanded the smothest and softest by the end will win some lollies and chocolate and now all of a sudden everyone cares how theirs looks and feels.

We only have about five more weeks until our projects need to be finished but I feel like I will be fine and will finish in time. My teacher said that if ours is good then we can finish our projects with beeswax I hope that I can because I think that would look really cool.

I hope that I finish my tray in time and I can't wait for next week.

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