Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Making Inferences

Everyday everyone makes inferences without even knowing. You must be wondered get what is an inference. It's when you look at a picture or something or someone and you think what they are doing or what they might be thinking.
E.g: if you look at a picture with a lonely girl
I think that she is:
~ Sad
~ She is thinking about something
~ Depressed
~ Lonely

All these things I have come up with mean I have inferred on a picture or something. So basically on a daily basis we always infer on things like for instance you could infer on your dog if she/he is barking then you might think that there's someone at the door or she/he wants somethignto eat or something else , see it's so easy to make an inference. You might think it's hard at first but you will realise that you infer on things all the time without knowing.

reading prove it

This is my reading prove it. My prove it is to prove that I can use Google search well and correctly.
Firstly I will find a large image of a cat. first I searched cat then I went to images on the tool bar. after that i went to search tools and then clicked size. I then clicked large and waited for the page to load.

finally I will get the most update information on elephants. first i searched up elephants then i went to the tool bar and clicked news. I then went to the tool bar and clicked time and changed it to most recent.

that is my prove it thank you for reading.

by Emma Hill