Thursday, 3 March 2016

leadership in the food forest and the junior classrooms

Yesterday and today all of us year eights helped out in the food forest. All of the year sevens are away at camp so all of the year eights are helping out in the junior classes and the food forest. I am going to tell you about the food forest. You see the first group helped the year fours harvest some seeds. I was not in that group.

The second group,which was my group did all the weeding. We spent all afternoon weeding and getting rid of dead plants. That was yesterday today we spent the middle section of the day harvesting sweet corn. We harvested a lot of corn before going on to more weeding but this time in a different section. 

We had to be very careful when harvesting the corn because mixed in with the corn shoots were Deadly Nightshade berries. Nightshade is very poisonous and we could have died if we had eaten some berries or they had come in contact with an open wound.


          The year eights weeding in the food forest 

We also helped out in some junior classes. We helped out in room 14,17,18 and 19. I am in group G and we helped out in room nineteen yesterday and room eighteen today. We helped them with writing and maths as well as action stations.

I made friends with a little girl called Chloe she was in room 19. My group and I had lots of fun working with the juniors and we learned some new skills. I think working with the juniors helped my leadership.

I believe working with the junior classes and in the food forest helped me to become a better leader.

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