Thursday, 31 March 2016

striking and fielding

Striking and Fielding

WALT: Apply Striking and Fielding activities in a range of sports and activities.

Link to modelling book on online zone.  

My Strengths

The striking strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were, striking the ball with the right stance and not hitting any of them in the face.

The throwing and catching strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were catching the ball when thrown it and successfully not hitting my team mates in the face with the ball.

My Next Steps

To improve my striking of a ball I need to be able to ALWAYS hit the ball in the direction I am trying to because at the moment it barely ever goes where I want it to.

To Improve my catching and fielding I need to make sure that if the ball is coming towards me I try to catch it because sometimes i just stand there or it hits me or it just goes strait past me.

The game that I enjoyed the most was Rounds because I enjoyed hitting the ball and running around the basses .

I really enjoyed our fielding and striking unit but I am looking forward to our next unit, koru Games.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Maths Evidence

This is my Maths Evidence for convert fr
actions to decimals and mixed numbers and vice-versa here is my evidence.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

identify the use of effective structure and language that helped the author make their point stronger.

In the year 9/10 standard group we have been learning about Authors purpose. We have been learning  to  identify the use of effective structure and language that helped the author make their point stronger. if you would like more information check the link above.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

flag research

Here is an example of my learning that we have done about the changing of the flag.
My opinion with the flag changing is that we keep our current flag for many reasons. Some of those reasons are in the doc on that link so check it out for more.

junior games

          playing games with the juniors

Today all of the year 8's played games with the juniors. first they asked us to get into pairs so i went with Mollyanne. we had to pick a game to play with the juniors on that was simple and had minimal equipment.
we decided that we would play octopus.

with our first group we introduced ourselves and went into playing. we spent about twenty minutes playing octopus before going into playing birthdays. i enjoyed playing with the juniors.

with our second group we played this weird game which was a 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

leadership in the food forest and the junior classrooms

Yesterday and today all of us year eights helped out in the food forest. All of the year sevens are away at camp so all of the year eights are helping out in the junior classes and the food forest. I am going to tell you about the food forest. You see the first group helped the year fours harvest some seeds. I was not in that group.

The second group,which was my group did all the weeding. We spent all afternoon weeding and getting rid of dead plants. That was yesterday today we spent the middle section of the day harvesting sweet corn. We harvested a lot of corn before going on to more weeding but this time in a different section. 

We had to be very careful when harvesting the corn because mixed in with the corn shoots were Deadly Nightshade berries. Nightshade is very poisonous and we could have died if we had eaten some berries or they had come in contact with an open wound.


          The year eights weeding in the food forest 

We also helped out in some junior classes. We helped out in room 14,17,18 and 19. I am in group G and we helped out in room nineteen yesterday and room eighteen today. We helped them with writing and maths as well as action stations.

I made friends with a little girl called Chloe she was in room 19. My group and I had lots of fun working with the juniors and we learned some new skills. I think working with the juniors helped my leadership.

I believe working with the junior classes and in the food forest helped me to become a better leader.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Peer mediation-merit- post 2

Today I had peer mediation. My partner is year seven and they are at camp so I got my friend alyssa to fill in for her. we had one problem and one problem only. Our single issue that we sorted out was a simple on just a simple disagreement over the rules of a game.

The dissagreement was between four girls playing tag. We fixed the problem easy enough we simply let them share their sides of the story and let them come up with a solution. Their solution was simple they restarted the game after explaining the rules with us.

They did come to us again but not because of a problem just to assure us that everything was going great. We did how ever have no more problems so we just kept doing circuits of the field ,courts and juinor area.

I think our peermediation is making a difference in our school helping others fix problems and I am kind of looking forward to next weeks peer mediation duty.

Librarians-merit- post 2

Yesterday I had librarians. My partner has yet to turn up to librarians so I have to get my friends to do it with me. This week we had alot of little kids come up to us. We lugged our books and beanbags to the music room deck. Almost strait away we were swarmed by juinors.

I read to about ten kids but my friends were the ones who got the hard job. They were reading to about five at a time and read about ten books were as I read to one or two kids and read about five books. We accidently took a beanbag that had a hole in it and we thought we had popped it. 

We were having trouble taking everything back at the end because we lost a person near the end so some of the kids helped us out. We got two kids to carry a beanbag while we carried the other two while the other kids looked after the books. When we came back we got some kids to help us carry all the books.

I really enbjoyed this weeks librarian and I can't wait for next week but I'll have to remind my partner.


This week at tech I was back at workshop with my group. We went strait back into sanding and I finished sanding my handles going all the way from p80-p1500. My friend Emily and I are now finaly up to the same point and are both back onto sanding the sides of the tray.

Our teacher, Mr.Bowers decided to make our sanding more intrusting by starting a little competition. The competition is who evers is sanded the smothest and softest by the end will win some lollies and chocolate and now all of a sudden everyone cares how theirs looks and feels.

We only have about five more weeks until our projects need to be finished but I feel like I will be fine and will finish in time. My teacher said that if ours is good then we can finish our projects with beeswax I hope that I can because I think that would look really cool.

I hope that I finish my tray in time and I can't wait for next week.