Thursday, 29 October 2015


on friday we had choir. At choir we had our final rehearsel before the big one next friday and then the actual performance that night.We ran through all of the songs that people said they were struggling with and I think we are ready for the performance.We then practiced some of our favourite songs.After we had done all of this we had nearly run out of time so we did some of our other songs that are not for the music festival. After that we had to go back to class. I that the final practise when well.

peer mediation

on friday we had peer mediation. Mollyanne Emily and myself were all present but nothing much really happened the whole lunch. We had no problems the whole lunch so we just patrolled the area making sure everyone was having fun and stopping things that could turn into problems.We made sure to go around all of the buildings in the juinor and senior area all the way up to the border of the feild. I believe we did a very good job even if we didn't solve any problems but doesn't that mean we are doing our job anbd there are no problems to start with.

Treaty of Waitangi - NZ Identity unit

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


On friday I attended choir. at the momment for choir we are practising for the lion club music festivel. we are about to get our choir shirts and this weird tie thingy. we have been practising for a while now and its coming up in a few weeks we practised so much on friday my throat started hurting but we needed to practice lots for the festivel.the practice was a very fgood one we got through most of the songs and we sang them very well. we are nearly ready for the music festivel only one more practice. our practice lasted 45 minutes before we had to go back to class and the year sixs went to maori. I think the practice went really well and I am excited for the music festivel.

peer mediation

On friday my group and I had peer mediation duty. Sadly Mollyanne couldn't make it so it was just Emily and myself. We only sorted out two problems the whole lunch. one of the issues was when a little boy was annoying and pulling a little girls hair pretty simple stuff. We got him to apologise and to leave her alone and ta'da problem fixed. The only other problem at lunch was with some year three boys who couldn't agree on game rules and we had a big discussion trying to figure out some fair rules . The discussion took a good 10-15 minutes but it felt like longer. After that issue we had no other problems for the rest of lunch. For the last 10 minutes we strolled around making sure everyone was having a good time. When lunch was over we headed back to class. I think we did a good job fixing all of the problems before they got bigger.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Multiplication algorithms

my goal was to do 2x algorithm here are some examples,

23 x 45 = 1035
61 x 31 = 1891

I worked this out by like this

Monday, 12 October 2015

maths evidence decimal place value

my goal was to  know decimal place value up to three places.
here are some examples of questions

that is the ones

that is the tenthes

here is some examples of the place value\







2015 goals reflection term 4

At the beginning of the year we set 3 goals for the year to either improve on something or achieve something these are my 3 goals.

To be a good role model
To make new friends
To earn a leadership badge

Here is how I am going with my goals.

I believe I am being a good role model to the younger students because I make sure to get involved at play and I remember to either wear my hat or stay under the shade. 

I think I am doing well with my second goal because I have made many new friends as the year has gone by and I hang out with many different types of people all the time but I still have my little group of friends.

My final goal was to earn a leadership badge this goal is still in the process for I am still working my way towards my merit badge.