Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Peer mediation-merit- post 2

Today I had peer mediation. My partner is year seven and they are at camp so I got my friend alyssa to fill in for her. we had one problem and one problem only. Our single issue that we sorted out was a simple on just a simple disagreement over the rules of a game.

The dissagreement was between four girls playing tag. We fixed the problem easy enough we simply let them share their sides of the story and let them come up with a solution. Their solution was simple they restarted the game after explaining the rules with us.

They did come to us again but not because of a problem just to assure us that everything was going great. We did how ever have no more problems so we just kept doing circuits of the field ,courts and juinor area.

I think our peermediation is making a difference in our school helping others fix problems and I am kind of looking forward to next weeks peer mediation duty.

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