Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Librarians-merit- post 2

Yesterday I had librarians. My partner has yet to turn up to librarians so I have to get my friends to do it with me. This week we had alot of little kids come up to us. We lugged our books and beanbags to the music room deck. Almost strait away we were swarmed by juinors.

I read to about ten kids but my friends were the ones who got the hard job. They were reading to about five at a time and read about ten books were as I read to one or two kids and read about five books. We accidently took a beanbag that had a hole in it and we thought we had popped it. 

We were having trouble taking everything back at the end because we lost a person near the end so some of the kids helped us out. We got two kids to carry a beanbag while we carried the other two while the other kids looked after the books. When we came back we got some kids to help us carry all the books.

I really enbjoyed this weeks librarian and I can't wait for next week but I'll have to remind my partner.

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