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Friday, 26 February 2016

Technology-merit- must do 1

This week on tuesday we had technology. Every week on tuesday in the morning we go to lincoln primary to do technology. Technology is 5 rotations that last about 7 weeks each rotation. The 5 different courses are; hard materials/workshop, foods, science,design and textiles. Right now I am in workshop.

Last week we choose weither we were making a clock, a tray or a small table. I chose a tray as did my friend/partner. That week we did a lot of planning figuring out what our creations would look like and how we would make them.

This week we cut out most of our wood. we sanded so much that they were extremely smooth. We swapped using deifferent sand paper, I got from p60 to p220 and my wood is extremely smooth.

Next week we will probably continue sanding. Once we are finished sanding, what happens next I don't know but I'm sure it will be fun and I can't wait for next tuesday.

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