Monday, 22 February 2016

Describe the traits of an affective leader.

This term we have been learning about leadership. Mainly the traits and of a good leader. The traits that we learned were;  integrity ,resilient, active thinker ,goal focused ,motivstional trustworthy .

We did some reading activites on different famous people to see what leadership traits they possess. I acheived multi-structural  Some of my favourite leaders that we worked with were both women in the second wkrld war.

Nancy wake was a spy for the french and Katherine hall was a nurse for the chinease. Nancy showed amazing resilience when she had to hide out from some enemy soldiers and starved for eight days.

 Katherine showed she was goal focused when she was discovered by the japanese (their enemy) and was made to go back to hef home country (new zealand).  But instead of giving up she stayed focused on her goal and jumped ship to another one heading back to china.

We learned some amazing leadership skills and some teaits of an effective leader.

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