Friday, 26 February 2016

Librarians-merit-post 1

This week on tuesday I did librarians. My group and I are on the juinors rotation. Every week on a tuesday we go down to the juinors with a wide selection of books. Little juinors come up to us and choose a book and we read to them. This week was really busy I had to get one of my friends a fellow librarian to help us out.

Even though I have only just started librarians this week I enjoyed librarians and I know my group and friends enjoy it too. I hope that the younger kids keep coming to hear the stories that we read to them because reading is a greatway for them to get involved at lunch.

I used communicate by reading clearly to the juinors. I used excelence for showing up. I hope that next librarians duty will be just as busy and entertaining as this one.

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