Monday, 14 September 2015


  On Friday i had choir. for choir we are practicing for the music festival that is coming up soon. we     have to be in the music room ready to start at 8:45 every Friday.sometimes people are late other         times people are quite early and have some down time. once choir starts we do some warm ups           some of the warm ups are complicated others are very simple. once we have finished our warm ups   we start with the first song in our music festival song book which happens to be the national anthem.   we do about to complete run throughs of the national anthem then we move on to some of the other   songs in the song book. next we sang ring of fire we went through all the different parts and went       through some quite a few times before doing the whole song once and moving on to a different           song. we then started to practice american child which took about ten minutes. The teacher made us sing the song so we sounded very posh and the way we sad Alaska was hillarious. after American child we sang an old Japanese song called Murasame. The majority of the song was i n Japanese apart from one small verse that was in English. after practicing that song for about fifteen minutes it was nearly time to go back to class.We decided to do a very quick run through of this very cool new song we are learning. the music is awesome but the words are in gibberish because the person who wrote the piece wrote the music then made up some random words that sounded good with the music. after we had our run through of that song we had to go back to class because choir was officially over. i think that choir session went very well and the teacher did not have to remind us to be quiet to much.

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