Monday, 24 August 2015

peer mediation

on friday the 21st I had peermediation with my group which consists of mollyanne
 emily and myself. sadly mollyanne could not make it so it was just emily
 and I. toghether we sat in the middle of the juinor area on some benches as
 we like to call it peermediation HQ. we were on the second half of lunch
 and we solved two problems in that time. the first problem was with a little
 girl who came up to us and told us that an older boy stole her ball so we went
 to find the boy. we eventually found him and he apologised and gave the girl
the ball back and they continued playing. the second problem was fairly simple
as well. a smal girl came up to us and said that two boys were picking on her
and pulling her hair so we went up to the boys and they apologised and they
stopped annoying her and went to pklay football with some other boys while she
went and played with the that were on duty. there were not many problems
 at peermediation on friday and the problems were very minor. I believe that
emily and I are doing a great job and so is molloyanne when she is with us.

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